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I certainly can't make you admit your attitude towards her was unmerited. The tone of your comments and questions were definitely not you just asking and wanting an answer. You don't seem like the type to own up to much, you just ignore criticisms and keep on going. I addressed your comments in your post, you totally ignore most of mine to continue to try to make your point.

Some people can be angry about something and still be civil. Some can't. You are the latter. If you're gonna run your mouth about a person, at least be informed about that person. Know their positions and try not to insinuate they are liars or cowardly just because they are not pushing forward your pet issue. If you knew anything at all about Tisha's previous campaign, you'd know why 9/11 wasn't and couldn't be an in the forefront issue. Actually, just knowing how the majority of our populace thinks or rather does not think would tell you that as well.

Sorry you got burned by Medina but Tisha is not Medina. Why not save your anger and irritation for those who have actually screwed you over? I can see that anything I say will not change your mind on this, so I won't bother after this post. I just think it's sad that you are attacking one of the few people we have running for office that actually believes the same things we do but you do not understand that because you do not know hardly anything about her. Ah well, you can't win over everyone right? Take care...Silk30