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Not if or when, just "How?"

I suppose they will ask nicely first, maybe even offer cash. I doubt many will comply, but some will.
BofA already cut off accounts to two gun manufacturers, and the owner of a third company died last week. We know the government is buying up ammo like crazy, and we do hear tales of ammo shortages. Several stores voluntarily stopped selling guns already, some have relented. How many guns will they keep from the people by keeping them out of the retail market in the first place?
But none of this applies to you, Mr and Mrs America. How will they come for your gun? Will the local Sheriff show up? Will the National Guard? Will they ask nicely, give you the option to say "From my cold dead hand?" before you... well... I think you know how that would end.
Perhaps you can set up an ambush, be ready for them. You might even take out the entire first wave. You know, you might get to kill the local Sheriff and deputies. THEN they will send the Fed in. Think your neighbors will think you died heroically?
Or maybe you have neighbors who would come to your aid, and it could turn into a mini-civil war.
The reality is, we have to STOP THEM. Once they get "permission" it is too late. They need arrested BEFORE IT COMES TO A VOTE.
Why do you think all those nations allowed themselves to be disarmed? Because at the end of the day they chose to live, like most people will do again.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.