Comment: There are 2 very simple ways to look at this

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There are 2 very simple ways to look at this

1) You agree with Alex's stance and found his couRAGE inspiring to not be fearful of the Establishment and stand firm with determination to continue, or start, speaking out against the system.

2) You do not agree with his delivery and representation of the views you hold. Use HIS "failings" as YOUR motivation to get the message out BETTER and more in-line with your own views.

Anything else, like calling him names and being outraged at his outrage; etc., is a waste of time.

Personally, I feel a bit of both. I do wish he could have maintained better composure but I applaud his ability to keep things very on-point whenever he could and filled that airtime with FACTS on paper not just some ramblings off the top of his head.

Anyways, I think people should just pick one of the two general point of views above and keep going. He neither made nor destroyed any movement, but the Corporate Media will do their best to use it in their favour to protect their corporate interests. Something none of us at this point should be strangers to.

So, 1) That was great. I'm motivated to do my part. 2) That was a disaster. I'm gonna do it better.

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