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Comment: Two-pronged wake-up call

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Two-pronged wake-up call

I care more about AJ’s message than his delivery, and he was right-on with his message. Taking Big Pharma to task needed to be said, and how can you not be passionate about the fact anti-depressants don’t work according to recent studies. Mental illness is increasing as 1 in 3 Americans is diagnosed in any given year – over 75 million people with mental disorders. Prescriptions for psychiatric drugs have increased 50 percent with children in the US and 73 percent among adults. Psychiatry invents some label for every little symptom so Big Pharma can push more drugs onto society while they entice psychiatrists and physicians to keep patients dependent on their meds. It’s a prescription for a dumbed down populace rendered too compliant to think for themselves. That’s far more dangerous than 300 million plus armed civilians so where are the alarms bells?!

AJ’s “You’re not taking our guns” was a two-pronged wake-up call I applaud as it targeted the money masters, complicit media and pols who seek to keep the sheeple ignorant and unprepared so as to render the public mentally and emotionally incapacitated unable to defend itself against the encroaching police state. Both Piers and AJ engender fear scenarios, but AJ presented a very real and rational based growing threat whereas Piers conveniently panders to the emotions du jour instead of steering the focus to corporate greed where it needs to be.

Why Are We Drugging Our Kids?