Comment: Sounds like Alex Jones' blind

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Sounds like Alex Jones' blind

Sounds like Alex Jones' blind followers are engaging a full attack on people who disagree with him. This thread is a good example. Let me bring this up to you:

Remember Molly-gate: The event (November 20, 2012) where Alex Jones hired Molly Maroney, who formerly worked for the admitted-Zionist organization Stratfor. Alex Jones and his crowd (Mike Adams, Intel Hub, Mark Dice, Lindsey Williams, etc.) are still remaining silent on the situation. Lots of more information about it is right here:

He also has made up a series of failed predictions from 2008-2010 that never came to place (especially when he claimed there would be an inaugural bombing in 6-7 months)

He insulted Bill Cooper by referring him as 'some dead guy' in 2010 at 2:25

Alex Jones endorsed a promoter for alternative medicine Kevin Trudeau, who was a convicted felon and a scam artist, in 2009. His interviews with him were deleted from his channel shortly after they were uploaded.

Alex Jones crashed a pro-gun rally in Austin in 2010 and later covered up the story on his radio show with lies and deception.