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Comment: Okay, well now that I've had time to actually

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Okay, well now that I've had time to actually

spend a couple hours reviewing Mr. Hagels past, I don't think I'll stick by my comment of "the more I read the more I like" in the OP. To say the least, Mr. Hagel has a VERY mixed voting record..Purple Heart Veteran or not, I don't think I support this man and If there's any way of having this post removed from the front page, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Chuck Hagel supported the Patriot Act, he supported stripping Habeus Corpus from Gitmo detainees, he thought it was okay for wiretapping without warrants, he thinks it's okay to do business with entities linked to terrorism (as in Halliburton selling Nuclear technology to Iran etc.), and he also thinks we should follow the CFR's recommendations of engaging Syria and Iran. These are only a few of the MANY reasons not to support this man, but I'll let others make their own judgements. I apologize for the "praise" in the OP without further research...Maybe we should contact our Senators and tell them to NOT confirm Mr. Hagel as Defense Secretary.

And yes, I just down-voted my own post :-)

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