Comment: Now count up the things he has been right about

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Now count up the things he has been right about

for the last 20 years. When you're not on the inside, anything you do find as proof, is only a piece of a much larger puzzle. Sometimes the pieces don't fit where you think they do, sometime they don't fit at all, but after awhile, you get enough of them so that the picture come into focus.

I liken him to Dr.Paul being attacked over the years. They tried everything in the book with him and it ALL backfired. Even if their plan was to put up someone like AJ, to break our backs, he's A: bringing more people in and B: it will cause mass rage if he were ever to be outed..

We're not going to slink away in shame because the government tricked us again, if that were the case. It would have the opposite effect.

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