Comment: "What happened"

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"What happened"


I love that quote.

That will be the new mantra of the second decade as the SHTF

"Omg. What happened ...??"

As the zombies wake up to the reality of the things that we have been trying to beat them over the head with for years ..

When it finally hits home in *their* paycheck, *their* wallets, their families, their freedoms, their safety, their life they have been sleepwalking through in a bubble ...

When they finally get a clue that they only were paying half attention to anything that mattered, and letting the mass media do their thinking for them the whole time ..

When they FINALLY get that they really never knew a damn thing about real economics or how politics really works ... and what kind of people they been letting run things into the ground while they were asleep at the wheel ...

This is the first thing that will be coming out of their mouth.


The hell