Comment: A Tale of Two Bostons. Named after Boston, Lincolnshire.

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A Tale of Two Bostons. Named after Boston, Lincolnshire.

A Tale of Two Bostons

By: Brandon Gary Lovested

Religion ~ Politics ~ Rebellion. Boston’s pedigree was forged back in England in the midst of religious dissension, where Puritans and Pilgrims sought religious reform, and Cavaliers & Roundheads vied for political power. The question isn't where did Boston get its name – but how.

Short Answer

Like a great many towns in New England, Boston has its naming roots in old England. Boston, Massachusetts is named after Boston, Lincolnshire, and is situated about 100 miles north of London on the North Atlantic Sea. Massachusetts began life as the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Company) in 1629. Its first Governor was John Winthrop, and its first deputy-Governor was Thomas Dudley, who shortly after their arrival in America in 1630 suggested that the capital of the colony be named after their hometown back in England. Both men were part of a fleet of Puritans - about 1000 - that came over to escape religious and political persecution for their desires to reform the Church and State. Though how and why this all occurred is far more interesting and ironic once you know the historical context of the times. So, all aboard the Puritan Express... (akin to the Liberty Express)

A Bostonian answer...

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