Comment: I get people on board in less

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I get people on board in less

I get people on board in less than an hour with no videos. My talks usually go like this when I have someone 1 on 1:

1. Bring up something subtly that will lead to a Liberty discussion. The other day I pulled out an Austrian economics book on a car ride.

2. "What's that?" they say. This book on Austrian economics. I explain basically what it stands for. It's the economic policy Ron Paul stands for.

3. "Ron Paul?" Yes, he supports applying liberty economically and socially. Too bad he didn't get elected, he was a real Republican (person I was talking to was a Republican, so I know this will pique their interest).

4. "What do you mean real Republican?" Well first he wants a sensible foreign policy, which I then commence US-Middle East history lesson. 3 points: How Iran went from a democracy in 1953 to an Islamist state by 1979, applying cause/effect to hostage crisis. Then how US propped up Hussein to fight Iran. Then how US helped Bin Laden against the Soviets. Making sure to point out the blow back in all 3 points. They're usually at a loss for words, and now I had this "Republican" on the side of minding our own business.

5. With the biggest thing typical Republicans disagree with out of the way, it was easy rolling from there. Pointed out how most other Republicans aren't even fiscally conservative. How they vote, and Ron Paul's record of integrity and honesty. Throw in how he doesn't take congressional pensions or swayed by lobbyists, they're now on board.

6. Now I hit em with the Federal Reserve and how it's the biggest problem we have. How it came about, how its ran, and quickly explain how printing money causes inflation.

Boom, they were now a fellow Ron Paul friend/supporter and will most likely feel the need to learn more and become an even bigger follower.