Comment: No sitting Senate since 1913. Consequently, no budget.

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No sitting Senate since 1913. Consequently, no budget.

The House huffs... & puffs... but cannot blow itself down.

Not up. Nor down. The House is supposed to originate all United States of America appropriations... Spending bills. Sprees.

The Senate is obliged to approve the proposed House spending sprees. Read the 17th Amendment to see how the Senate was disappeared before the states very eyes. The ayes have it. That dastardly amendment was "Deemed as Passed."

The President is supposed to approve & administer those said same spending sprees in the interest o "We the People." But he does more & less. Oh, so much more. Far, far more... In lands far, far away...

Oh so much less... Less in the interest of "We the People." What a quandary.

[Bow head. Continue reading large colorful history book.]

[Victrola: Down in the Valley] 2 minutes.

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