Comment: Man they really fell into

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Man they really fell into

Man they really fell into alex's trap by letting him appear in studio. Alex got exactly what he wanted, more publicity then he could ever imagine and now the message is going to be 100x more viral. This was great, and there was absolutely no reason for alex to respect peirs. He is a British subject campaigning to subvert the constitution in america.

Alex was in control of the interview and now piers loses. Because nobody is going to watch the rest of the episode on youtube where they demonize him, they are going to watch only the shorter alex part. This was a really good thing IMO. we've got nothing to lose and he did a good job sticking it to the man. There is no debating manipulators this was justice served, screw debate you gotta get in there and STICK IT TO EM. he was harmless and using only his voice and facts. WIN

Alex is now on the front page of CNN and many other places
As well as top of drudge.

Also alex set the precedent that THAT is how you defend the second amendment instead of appeasing like a bunch of cowards. TOGETHER TO THE TOP!