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You mean...

the same Catherine Bleish that in 2009 (a year prior to that rally) continuously on Daily Paul accused Ron Paul of being a TRAITOR and who literally chased Ron Paul down We Are Change style harrassing him? The same Bleish that used every opportunity on radio shows to attack Ron Paul. And the same Bleish who encouraged people to study SAUL ALINSKY on how to be a commie style agitator?

Alex Jones KNEW WHO SHE WAS before and during that rally! AJ wasn't just being rude. He was taking her to task for ANTI-RON PAUL and COMMUNIST philosophies.

Talk about the truth being twisted and spun. Sheez.

Bleish is an unhinged non-libertarian and when AJ called her COINTELPRO he meant it! It wasn't some off-the-cuff remark at someone he was unfamiliar with.

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