Comment: I am rarely accused of not understanding "battle weary"

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I am rarely accused of not understanding "battle weary"

But yes. Tattered, exhausted and knowing damn well that our politicians are evil corporate turds and that our courts are filled with butt-monkeys for the banks, we have to STOP THIS. If not, then it comes down to "we all hang alone."
I thought this would be a civil war, but I no longer think that. I think this will be midnight raids and assassinations, convenient accidents and untimely "natural causes" deaths. And I think they have already started, so we really need to shake a leg.
Don't worry, I suspect I will not get what I want and you will get what you are far too eager for it seems to me - a gun battle. You are in luck - you want the same thing they do.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.