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Awassi sheep and the

Assaf sheep cross are both excellent for your climate. These sheep were typically raised in the desert where extreme climate changes are a regular occurance. The Awassi have amazed me over the past year with their adapability compared to our East Friesian sheep. The East Friesian is an excellent milk sheep but they are fragile sheep in comparison to the Awassi. The hardiness of the Awassi coupled with the milk production make them a perfect fit for sheep operations across the broad climate range we have in the US. Our Awassi strain is considered the new and improved Awassi sheep which has been genetically selected for milk production and strong physiology. Many Awassi breeders produce the old strain Awassi which are a meat sheep only. We specialize in dairy sheep so the milk production is what we value most. Thanks for the question and all of the encouraging comments!

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