Comment: Something else is weird, too

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Something else is weird, too

It says that Lanza got to Soto's room and demanded to know where the kids were. Why? How would he know she had any kids? There are plenty of empty classrooms in schools. It would seem more normal to see a classroom with just a teacher -- an ADULT who might actually be able to stop him -- and just shoot her. Why stop and have a chat?

And then ...

It says (a) he demanded to know where the kids were, and then (b) some kids tried to escape and he shot them, and then (c) some kids were found in the closet.

OK, so she hides them in the closet. Then, he shows up and he doesn't see any kids, which is why he stops to have a chat with her about where they are. Then some try to escape (from the CLOSET, right?) ... and THEN LATER ... the remaining kids are found in the closet.

How the hell did he not get all of the kids in the closet if he was specifically looking for kids to shoot, and some of them escaped FROM the closet ... RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM (how else could it have happened)?