Comment: Fed breaks the law yet again

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Fed breaks the law yet again

Saying California law is irrelevant shows just how the federal government views the union itself. Colorado and Washington's vote that marijuana is legal is also going to be seen as irrelevant.

It may be the war on drugs that eventually tears the union apart, or ushers in the acceptance of the fascist state.

Many people still see this as a morality issue, and are content that what they see as immoral behavior is under attack. It’s hard to realize that it starts with things few like, but doesn’t stop before it gets to those that everyone likes.

The war on drugs is inversely tied to the war on guns.
The drug war perpetuates the gun violence, and feeds the fires in the masses to remove guns from society, because of all the violence.

End the drug war, and the gun violence will effectively drop to zero.
It would also effectively end the mafia type power given to those involved in the prohibition and sales of illegal drugs.

Sadly, Mr. Sandusky will serve 10 years in prison for being a law abiding California citizen, and probably be long in his grave before people take this seriously.

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