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Comment: My friend spend days watching Ron Paul vids after these...

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My friend spend days watching Ron Paul vids after these...

And said he thought of nothing else. I'm from the UK for context.

After I sent them next time I saw him it was all he wanted to talk about and we went to mine to watch more.

I said I'd send him a few but all totalling about an hour...

This is my wake up pack. ;) Plus context I wrote for him.

Here's one about how the two party system works.
- 10 min Ron paul power structure vid

- 10 min Fed Reserve vid. The facts about how the fed is created are all true and undisputed. It also sums up the importance of how the printing is used for control and endebting us.

2 min David Rothschild vid Rothschilds helped set up the Fed! What does young David want now? World Government.

24 min Builderberg BBC radio 4 documentary. On radio 4 but not BBC news?!

Ron Paul on Builderberg he's pushed... You can tell he doesn't want to talk about it...
- 2 min vid

Ron Paul predicting the recession in 2001! This was a week before September 11th... - 10 min Ron paul vid

Also next time I saw him showed him this, it made a big impression.

Four Star General Wesley Clark Talking planned 2001 overthrow of Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebenon Iran, Syria and Libya in 2007!

It all started saying our goodbyes after the Pub in the end We got into a huge conversation in the street. He asked me what's it all about? I said power and as much of it as possible. After all has that not been the goal of power seekers through out ALL of human history?

My friend's open minded and said he respects my opinion because I look into these things. I said I could show him things that you can't un-see. He said send me the vid's, when I did he saw what I meant.