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Money Masters


The Biggest Game in Town by Walter Burien

The supposed "Economic Professors" who are self confessed "Gold Bugs" are monopolists at heart, they refuse to defend their position against anyone other than their own Men of Straw, so that basically confesses the weakness of Gold as the best money.

Gold is one of many good ways to store value, but as currency, the Gold Bugs know their lack of power, so they resort to deception: every time so far.

Here is a good start on defending the often resort to falsehood:

Money Masters should plant the needed seed, the slight crack in the armor of abject belief in falsehood without question, and in my opinion The Biggest Game in Town ought to do the same job if anyone cares to question the false authorities based upon the old "follow the money" adage or maxim, whatever, along the lines of Cui Bono and Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.