Comment: Kill Alex Jones? NO THEY

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Kill Alex Jones? NO THEY

Kill Alex Jones? NO THEY WON'T!! They won't kill Alex Jones because he's a fearmongering, sensationalist, deceptive, master manipulating gatekeeper for Zionism. He's leeching off the liberty movement so that more people will discredit us as 'conspiracy nuts'. Those of you who think Alex is a patriot, why did he cause disturbances at the pro-gun rally in Austin in 2010 and lie about it on his radio show? Why did he refer Bill Cooper as 'some dead guy' after he cut off a caller who questioned him about Cooper? Why did he bring his followers into mass hysteria by falsely claiming Russia was going to nuke America every single week on his Y2K broadcast? There's just much wrong with him that it's insane to think he's on our side when in reality, he's on the Zionist Jews' side. Think about it for a moment.