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Southern Coin and Precious Metal

SCPM.COM, absolutely the best I've seen.

They have some of the best online credit-card prices I've seen, and you can save more with a wire transfer. I don't know why they aren't more famous, but I bought some CHEAP walking liberty half dollars there (15% below prices). In the bag I got 6 MS62+, almost perfect coins, the rest were really great, only a few crappy ones (silver is silver, though).

I recommend junk silver, (pre 1965). Its recognizable, pretty, and if silver prices go in the toilet, it can be worth more than the melt value.

Also, a dime is about 2-3 bucks worth of silver, and sometimes you'll just want to buy some chicken fingers after the apocalypse. A 1-ounce silver round should buy a great dinner for 2-3, but what about smaller purchases?

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