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Comment: Seriously this "fluoride to calm the masses" quip is getting old

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Seriously this "fluoride to calm the masses" quip is getting old

I used to think this was poetic, but it has become apparent to me now that people actually believe this. Fluoride doesn't make you docile. That is lithium (which companies used to put in soda in the early 20th century by the way and people liked it).

Water fluoridation is a misguided, over-reaching attempt to control and benefit public health. It's not intentionally sinister, it's NOT Nazism, it's not used for mind control. These are the kind of claims that makes non-conspiracy theorists roll their eyes.

**And if anyone is tempted to jump on me for this, I've read the 2 major journals suggesting a possible correlation between IQ and water fluoridation. I oppose water fluoridation for a myriad of ethical and scientific reasons, but I think those studies were faulty and do not form the basis for a strong argument.