Comment: Same in the Springs.

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Same in the Springs.

Hello everyone. First comment although I've been following along since I found the site after securing a county/state delegate slot for Ron Paul this past election cycle.

I've witnessed the same, nearly non-stop, pattern spraying in Colorado Springs. I moved away from 2007-2010 and when I moved back, the blue skies were gone and the 'haze' fell over the mountain range daily. Besides health and eco-system concerns, I would also be interested in knowing whether the spaying contributes to the dramatic changes we are experiencing in western wild fires. This report: states global warming is the likely cause. But if fine metal particles are part of what is being dropped, wouldn't that be blanketing our already dry forests with an accelerant that builds up over time? I'm not a scientist but I would think it would contribute greatly to the hotter, faster moving, larger and more destructive fires noted in the data. If that was ever proven to be the case, could the government be held liable for property and lives lost in the fires? Sorry...more questions than answers.