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Comment: Nullify first, absolutely!

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Nullify first, absolutely!

Then secede, secede, secede.

In fact, I would wager that the nullify movement will turn secessionist when they understand the limitations of using their remedy to solve the underlying problem: the complete abandonment of federalism and the death of dual-sovereignty (the concept of equilibrium between state and central government).

I have come to embrace secession because I view America, in and of itself, (never mind the bases overseas) as an empire. If we abandoned world domination abroad, we would still be left with an empire at home.

The idea of republican government is only applicable to states within a narrow geographical space. Aristotle taught that all things in nature have an appropriate size; if they continue to grow they reach a level were they become uncontrollable and dysfunctional, e.g., healthy cells divide and multiply whereas cancerous cells continuously grow.

Oh yeah, secession is totally not cowardly! It's a stance against the tyranny of largesse and the control freaks it inevitably attracts.