Comment: What happens when someone who

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What happens when someone who

What happens when someone who believes in something based on faith-based rhetoric handed to her willing mind rather than reason based on fact is confronted with logic that forces her faith and reason to collide?

"Obama arming drug cartels with machine guns???" Error! Error! Mnemonic kill switch thrown, enter read-only mode. Que ridiculous empty repetiton of liberal scripture in zombie-like drawl: "Texas legislature... Ban assault weapons now."

Im torn in what part I like better... the part where she claims that the US is an educated and peaceful nation, dispite having some of the most under and miseducated people in the world, and despite that we are engaged in more wars and assassin campaigns of any other nation on earth.


When the other woman asks; "Are you going to come grab our weapons personally, or are you going to use someone else to do it for you? If you want to, you can start at my house.. ive got about 15. Come get em."

Ha. Classic.