Comment: That interview doesn't sit well

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That interview doesn't sit well

with me either.

However, I open to the possibility that the Alex Jones supporters on this site might be correct. Time will bear it out.

After five years, I stopped listening to Alex Jones mid 2012 (and cancelled my subscriptions) after become concerned about what was, and more notably what was not, being reported about Ron Paul and the campaign. I observed a number of subtle slants leading people away from RP and the liberty movement, and a number of huge omissions from the campaign coverage. The campaign presented an opportunity for Alex Jones to step up and silence those who claim he is a saboteur. He failed that task miserably, imo.

If you walk away now, you might give Morgan and the rest of the globalist stooges a win on what was no doubt part of the agenda behind that interview – that is, drive a wedge in the liberty movement.

Don't let that happen, please stick around and hope to H#LL that the Alex Jones supporters are proven correct over time.