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It doesn't tell me anything?

It's not an endorsement. I don't expect Ron Paul to feed the AJ ego.

I bet that you will see some news or media mud sling the fact that Ron Paul frequently interviews on the AJ network. You think that's great but I have news for you. Anyone that saw Alex Jones last night and doesn't know the buzz words or topics Alex talked about will equate raving ranting madman with Ron Paul. That's how people operate wether you like it or not.

As for your link....great! For every a action there is reaction and you are demonstrating that it drives traffic to his site. So should we expect even louder and more ridiculous rants meant to drive more Internet traffic? That's just great....sorry but for me dealing with folks that are business owners and leaders in my community, the last place I would point them is to Alex Jones. I guess if your circle of influence is teenage Halo gamers that might be a good fit.

Good Luck but now I have to defend our movement from an internal crackpot....

For Freedom!
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