Comment: Gun Debate

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Gun Debate

Now if Alex had brought these kinds of stats he woud have won the argument... instead he just gave them an excuse to write him off.

Don't get me wrong, part of me likes seeing the establishment get dumped on by the unconventional... something very liberty like and free... But it would be nice to have somone with these kinds of facts to win the arguments.

So to sum it up:

1) The US has 5-6 times the number of large metro areas where the vast majority of the murders take place

2) The violent crime rate in England/wales is 4 times our rate

3) The "offical" police reports of crimes is considered there to be dramitcaly lower than the REAL number (

If you take into account the violent crime and under reporting of REAL murders it's safe to bet that the murder rate in England/Wales is actualy higher than the US.