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I pretty much said the same

I pretty much said the same thing in the comments to one of the parts of this. After seeing Piers talk over so many people, it was refreshing to see the tables turned.

I went ahead and did my 'pulse-taker' of the reaction to this(I check mainstream places to see how the 'common' person is reacting). Tens of thousands of comments on places like Yahoo, with the highest rated ones( thousands of thumbs up to dozens of thumbs down ratio) mostly applauding Jones. Even CNN's own webpage has a '50/50' split of people defending/attacking Jones on the article page for it, which I figured would be worse than that. Who knows, things are getting interesting to say the least. I guess there's enough people that dislike Piers(and what he stands for) that much, that they don't care about the 'delivery' of the attack.