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It beats AJ's signature..

'Here comes 1776. Flyin Saucers. Shut up. Ive got the stats here. Tin foil. Bilderberg. Assasination. Flouride. Clouds in the sky. HAARP. Plastic coffins. Federal Reserve. FEMA. I paint my face like the Joker.'

After nearly 6 years of dealing with Alex Jones.. I feel absolutely confident the short message as my signature smokes anything Alex Jones will say for the rest of his lunatic life.

Ive been here since before the first moneybomb. Matter of fact, dick, here is the thread that started it:

I made the news for my work supporting Dr. Paul. I lead a meetup group. I spent thousands of my own dollars, solicited donations from strangers, knocked on doors, painted thousands of signs, looked like a madman to my family and friends.. In the face of all of that I wanted Ron Paul to fucking win. I got a little clout. I'm fucking sick of Alex Jones.

Either learn to play the game or stay the fuck out of politics.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul