Comment: Amen!

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I am sick of all the Eunuchs claiming to be liberty lovers bitching and moaning about what others will think blah blah. Grow a pair goddammit!

Alex only did what you all wish you had the cajones to do. It's time to stop worrying what the anti-gunners or anyone for that matter think they will paint gun owners/patriots as Kooks and nuts anyways SO WHO GIVES A DAMN WHAT THEY THINK!

None of this is going to get fixed by voting or joining the republican party or what ever else political scheme you think will somehow make failed democracy work for you so get over it and realize this is a battle with the forces of darkness and if we allow them to get the guns they will march all over the earth plunging us into darkness!

We are the last big wrench on the gears of the NWO agenda. NO MORE COMPROMISE!!!

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