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Cmon Nystrom...

I haven't started a flame thread. I've just had it. I came to DP because of AJ and the truthers. RPF's became saturated with conspiracy, emotional and flat out insane posts.

When I started posting at DP I noticed that the conspiracy talk was at a level that didn't dominate. The 12 election just ended and look at what is most popular on DP now... A flat out madman that screamed at Piers Morgan for two segments. Didn't answer a question. Called the interviewer names. Was flat out insane in behavior.

Nystrom... You know as well as I do. That moment Paul took on Rudy is when the support for Paul took off. AJ and the truthers grabbed that and ran with it in the exact opposite direction as our competition, the party and the media. We were the easiest fodder the GOP ever had with a populist candidate. (think Buchanan and Perot) It sank Ron Paul in 07. We accomplished more feats than any other running politician in our lifetimes.

- We raised more money online.
- We passed the most popular bill in Congress
- We had more support from Military by double the candidates combined
- We had a consistent record.
- We had a veteran
- We brought more activists into the GOP than anyone else
- We brought the young and the biggest crowds.
- Two best selling books
- We had the energy, the money, the military and the youth.

There are reasons we did not win. Hate me for saying it, but the truther movement buried us in 07-08. The racist letters were nothing compared to the rumors about truthers. Peddling conspiracy is a fools errand. Fact is, people get away with things. Ask the Kennedys. Focus all that energy in stopping the next thing by running for office or peddling a message of peace. Looking forward instead of looking back.

At what point do I quit sticking up for this kind of behavior? I wouldn't stick up for it if it were standing next to me and my children. That is a damn fact. I want to divorce my association with Alex Jones until he can be a reasonable man, capable of handling himself on national television... and all over the internet.

For all my years here.. I apologize for finally losing it on this subject. I want our movement and anyone who claims to represent it to take it seriously. Calm down and spread a message of peace.

Alex Jones needs to get a grip. So does anyone that wants to see change happen. You do not have to scream at people to win an argument. Matter of fact I dare say, that screaming won't win any argument.

I don't want to fight a base. If people can't understand that we need leaders that can articulate our message.. rally this grassroots around that message.. steer clear of anyone screaming 1776 on television.. and really stay true to our Constitution we might have a chance in 16 with Rand.

So far, I see a bunch of people giving high fives and kicking back another beer to this behavior. Its not a good look for us.

True Story.

-end rant and good night.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul