Comment: I 2nd that AMEN!

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I 2nd that AMEN!

Im sick of all the people here attacking, the one who stands up for Liberty! Mocking,name calling,...liberty is tolerance,he may not talk like you,he may not like the foods you like,you may not agree with him on everything or the way he presents it. BUTT the fact of the matter is,he stands for liberty and freedom,ALEX JONES IS PART OF THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT, like it or not. Well thats to be seen.Ive seen so called Tuff men shrink and act like little babies,when the rounds start flying,and judging by what I have seen on this site, Id take my chances with Alex in fox hole any day.The people attacking Alex,need to know what he advocates is saving there freedoms and liberty,just so they can bad mouth him,go figure? THE 2ND AMENDMENT IS NOT NEGOTIABLE. YES people better be mad as hell,and stand now!...or lay down and die,game over.