Comment: McRibs a great American sandwich produced by a

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McRibs a great American sandwich produced by a

great American company, McDonald! They use Great American pork produced by the Great American farmer! Monsanto seeds help out the farmer by producing GMO seeds that require Clothianidin seed coating ( a nerve agent) and lots of bacteria and viruses infecting every seed. Top it off with BT genes and lots of Roundup sprayed on the crop as it grows.

GMO's are guaranteed to be insufficient in nutrients as Roundup has a blocker that blocks the crop from using minerals or nutrients in the soil. GMO's have approximately 50% less nutritional value, actually makes the pig hunger as they eat it. So the pig grows a little faster but gets sicker by the day, the farmer needs to use a lot of antibiotics to keep the pigs alive.

If we eat the McRib sandwich we will feel the same as the pig, may taste good but not very satisfying. So if we are what we eat we are a walking chemical factory thanks to Monsanto!

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