Comment: He came off pretty crazy.

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He came off pretty crazy.

He came off pretty crazy. But, at the same time, there are a lot of people who watch CNN and Morgan, who would NEVER watch an Alex Jones video. They would never be exposed to many of the things that he said. A lot of people, simply wishing to refute what they heard, will research some of these things. Yes, he came off as a nut to some. To some he already was and always will be a nut. But, to others, who may otherwise never have been exposed to these concepts, there will be seeds of doubt. I'm not particularly a fan and have reservations with regard to his sincerity. All of that notwithstanding, he got some exposure for issues that do not often see the light of day on mainstream cable channels.
I tend to agree with the thought presented by OldNo.7J.D. ,