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do you mean "our" cause?

or do you mean "my" cause?

because if you meant 'our' cause, you would have realized that it's the substance that counts. don't like jones, myself.. but couldn't find anything wrong with the content of his ranting. i would have done it differently, but that's what makes us individuals.

but i believe you meant to say, "Anyone who watches this interview and thinks he properly represented MY cause is extremely out of touch with reality." which would be true.

this makes much more sense because you seem believe there is a certain way that 'advancing' the 'cause' should be done. i'm willing to bet that if pressed to expound upon what you mean, it would be readily apparent that you are indeed a closet fascist.. seeking to control and silence aspects of others you find unappealing. as evident in your comment.

"step back and examine this objectivly and tell me how this advanced anything."

okay. the fact that he mentioned Op Gladio. I've NEVER heard it talked about even in passing on television.

if that is seen and understood by one person who would not have otherwise thought their government was capable of such atrocities, it was worth it. because it will pique their curiosities and inevitably bring them to the side of liberty.

how many other topics will he get people to research because they had NO CLUE what he was talking about?

what i don't understand is that there are SO many perfectly legitimate and reasonable arguments to be made against this guy and THIS is the bone so many of you pick?!

Live and let live, folks.
The only person that can tarnish your good name is you.
Not Mr. Jones.