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Alex expressed what a lot of us feel

And yes, slayer of tyranny, Alex Jones is an important voice in the liberty movement! In fact, Alex is in the foxhole, on the front lines, fighting to get the word out, and wake people up.

Alex was a factor in waking me up and setting me straight about Dr. Paul. He always says to "look it up", so I did, at the Ron Paul 2012 site. Then I looked up a few more things.

I thank God for Alex Jones, and his Infowars team, and pray for him and his family, and their safety. I respect anyone's right not to like him, but I hope those that may not care for his style of presentation, will consider what he has done for the liberty movement. His passion, patriotism, and authenticity should count for something.

And no, the 2nd Amendment is not negotiable! A lot more of us need to show how angry we are about the idea of stealing this essential freedom from us! In Third Reich Nazi Germany, the citizens didn't want to believe the worst about their government, or appear disagreeable. How did that work out for them?