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Beck is what makes me doubt Jones could be an infiltrator, because in Beck you have a prime example of what an infiltrator actually looks like. Look at Beck's record and the results he produces. His followers aren't sure what they think or who the enemy is or what the real problem is or what to do about it. An infiltrator disempowers members of a movement by becoming a leader, looking and sounding exactly right, and then failing to deliver at crucial times and in crucial ways. That's Beck.

Jones is a melodramatic fear-monger, but that doesn't mean he doesn't believe what he says. Seems to just be part of his business model. Scare people into buying shit while you scare them straight....He leaves no doubt in his listeners' minds that government is the problem and freedom is the answer....He led a whole lot of people to Ron Paul...He's publicizing democide, which is a pretty odd thing to try to spread the word about if you're a closet statist.

I haven't heard Jones say anything that seemed completely out of line with the liberty philosophy. Beck has been weaselly from the word go, and the Medina ambush leaves zero doubt who he's working for.