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Comment: I used to distance myself from AJ

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I used to distance myself from AJ

But now...holy shit I wanna get a tattoo of him on my chest! ps. I don't even have any tattoos already.

Seriously though, you do not 'debate' these fuckers. It doesn't work. It's like agreeing to join the military, haze recruits, become a colonel, kill a thousand people, etc. just so you can "one day" change the military.

They want you to play the game. They want use to 'behave'. They want us to send our requests in through the proper channels. I'm through. I'm done complying. I hope you are too. It's like Ghandi did, he didn't go to Britain and ask fucking permission from the queen. He just stopped. He stopped playing the god damn game and eventually HE WON!

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.