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That's the thing, Alex wasn't

That's the thing, Alex wasn't really going into this planning on having a point, counterpoint discussion. He simply does not respect Piers or his bosses and won't treat them like they're civilized humans who care. His way of fighting them is telling them and everyone else that he's on to them and he knows what they're up to and he knows what they're all about. Maybe it's up for debate whether some of these people are evil or just intellectually ignorant, but Alex believes they're authoritarian control freaks and he won't play along by having a polite conversation with a person that comes from that starting point. He doesn't believe they can be convinced, only taken down.

Alex's whole thing is about standing up to these people and refusing to play their game. He differs from RP's approach of educating young people who are going through the horrible indoctrination to Socialism through their "education". So they're fighting two very different fronts.