Comment: Not a fan of AJ's "in your

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Not a fan of AJ's "in your

Not a fan of AJ's "in your face" method. I much prefer the reasoned, polite way that Ron Paul tears apart statist arguments.

That said, AJ did get in some shots but I wish he would have pressed on two points.

- The 2nd amendment exists to protect us from tyrannical governments. The millions mrdered by Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot are well known. An armed populace insures us from it from happening here. You say no way Americans would elect such psychopaths anyway? What about just a serious central planner, like Mao? Would 30 million Chinese peasants have starved to death when Mao prohibited them from family farming if they had guns to resist?

- While the murder rate in GB is lower than the US, the violent crime rate is much higher. Could that be because criminals there don't fear for their own welfare when committing crimes? Don't we want criminals thinking twice about robbing, raping, assaulting? Don't we want them fearing that their potential victim may in fact be armed?

Piers is just your typical progressive, easy to debate because, like most progressives, he's incapable of looking at the unforeseen consequences of his proposed intervention. It's just another form of the broken window fallacy that the progressive so easily falls victim to. So easy to counter.

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