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This cause will have many that speak up - and do so in their own way, with strengths and weaknesses both - and ALL of those individuals will bring people in, and wake them up, because we are all different and resonate with different approaches. Is Alex for everyone? No. Has he performed an important role for many? Yes.

I agree with Daniel James Sanchez: "People may say Alex Jones was over the top, but I disagree. Bootlicking tools like Piers Morgan need to be called out to their face for exactly what they are. The fact that Jones did that to both Morgan and the TSA on the SAME day makes him a bad-ass and a freaking hero.

Alex wasn't hysterical. He was passionate and talking fast and forcefully to make the most of the opportunity. As for rudeness, manners are context-specific. In a private conversation, that certainly would have been rude. But, given that Morgan is using his enormous platform to help disarm a whole country, calling him out in the strongest, most frank terms cannot be considered rude.

As much as Morgan represents the establishment elite, Jones was representing tens of thousands of ordinary Americans in this televised exchange. By saying, in no uncertain terms, 'NO WAY' to Morgan, he effectively said that to the establishment itself for us. Any members of the power elite who watch this exchange may get the message that Americans are serious about not being disarmed."

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