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Laughing through most of it

If AJ is good at anything it is sensationalism, and as you said his ability to not be controlled. It may difficult for many true patriots to control their emotional speech in the face of our oppressors whether those be bureaucrats or media elite etc. This is especially true with any topic that threatens the very core of our Freedoms.

Isn't it more than likely that AJ was invited knowing how he would represent and behave so they could later bring in the lawyer and the Kennedy's to further enhance their message of fear? The after-spin, when the lawyer says he would be afraid to go to AJ's house for a debate for fear of being shot. That was some real over-the-top sh*t and we all know it, but the sheeple just nod & bahaa. Wasn't this just part of their plan to begin with?

It is hard to say really if the cause would have been better represented by someone like Ben Swann, whom I think would have made great factual arguments and perhaps shown the light on the whole big charade and wrapped it up in a pill the general public could easily swallow. Yes, I think I would have liked watching that show more, but you have to admit AJ was entertaining.

The benefit of Alex Jones is he gets people talking. When the real issues come out in the conversation, god willing liberty will still be alive.

Thanks for your post. I have been lurking around here for years without posting, but this one motivated me somehow. Cheers

We are the tireless irate minority.