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Comment: my take on it

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my take on it

I think he did a pretty legit job. At first when he did the british accident i thought man we screwed up but the thing he is he wasnt doing it for the dailypaul crowd who love to hear well thought out, reasoned debates with statistics , etc

He was doing it for the brain dead zombies who have a 2 minute attention span that may have even been flipping over from the notre dame alabama game . None of these zombies even gave 2 shits about larry pratt interview or wayne la pierre or the marine. As soon as their interview is over all their short term memories forget what larry pratt was even talking about if they paid attention.

His antics were the trojan horse to slip in real facts and perhaps if even lets say 10% decide to youtube alex jones and watch some documentaries they might wake up and tell their friends to spread the word