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What BS

See liberty means how I see it. Anyone who defends liberty in a different way is part of the globalist or an FBI or CIA disinformation campaign. /sarc

For people to not see AJ for the contributor he is to the info war is truly sad. It shows this movement suffers as much from petty judging and clique driven labeling as the left and the establishment.

This person reaches millions daily with an unflinching demand of constitutional rule of law. He is investing into some very talented folks to take his media machine into the future. The info wars nightly news is a world class media production and will do more for this cause than 1 trillion platinum posters indignant outrage at his personal communication style.

PS. The first amendment is to protect the unpopular speech not the socially acceptable speech. I see the liberty folks attacking the unpopular speech because they still feel the need to be accepted by the public. Ironic?

Liberty = Responsibility