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Your country (Australia)...

is in the middle of a wave of savage home invasions due to the citizens being disarmed. Shouldn't you be fighting for the basic right of you and your fellow countrymen to defend yourself against criminals and your government instead of defending a treasonous non-citizen in the US who is attacking the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and who is wanted for multiple ethical violation crimes in his home country including fabricating photographs and snooping on people's private communication illegally?

Whose side are you on anyways?

What activism are you engaged in in Australia to restore your basic human right to defend yourself? Perhaps it would be the decent thing to do to leave us alone as we struggle to maintain our basic human rights.

Since Britain has banned guns gun crimes have almost doubled there. Piers needs to return to Britain, face the multiple ethics crimes charges against him, and then to protect his own people by working to restore basic human freedom to defend themselves. Instead you are defending a treasonous traitor that has declared war on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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