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I decided to run an

I decided to run an experiment. I took everything that PM and AJ said in the first 5 minutes of the video and assigned marks to them. I based the marks on general knowledge and if the answer could be verified via a google search within 1 minute. Frankly this got very labour intensive which is why I stopped after only 5 mins. Even if you remove the plausible I could see a trend emerging. I stopped about the “why don’t you go back and face the hacking scandal". I don't mean to elevate myself but if so many readily criticise AJ for being a lunatic I wnated to see how many facts he said and with criticism was valid. Personally, there was fact after fact from Alex. I also saw this as a way to break down the “but he’s a lunatic, or he’s crazy” barrier. Especially since Ron Paul has had this very same treatment for many years.
“We did it as a way to bring attention to the fact that we have all of these foreigners, the Russian government the official Chinese government” plausible/fact – probably doesn’t really want to deport Piers more interested in getting message out. 1 point AJ
Mao says political power goes out of the power of a gun he killed about 80 million people”. Again plausible, 20 million, 80 million somewhere in between. Plausible to fact no way of actually counting. One point AJ as 20 million or 80 million is semantic – fact remains
“Cos he’s the only one with the guns (referring to Mao)” – Probably not entirely factual given that somebody else probably beyond reasonable doubt did have a gun, however given the more probable meaning that his point was that Mao certainly had the most guns and military power. 1 point AJ
“….This is globalism and the mega banks that control the planet brag that they have taken over” – fact 1 point AJ
“… Brag that they’re going to take our guns as well... Taken everybody’s guns but the Swiss and the American people” – Mostly true. The inferment that every other country has gun control measures is correct. ½ point AJ for “everybody’s guns”. 1 point for banks bragging + 1 ½ points AJ
“When they get our guns they can have their world tyranny”. Possible to probable if US is disarmed who will be able to defeat world tyranny? ½ point awarded to AJ
“While the government buys 1.6 billion bullets.. drones…etc”. Fact government (DHS) purchased 1.6 billion dollars for domestic use. 1 point
“the second amendment isn’t there for duck hunting” – fact 1 point
“Indian women petition for the right to have firearms” correct – 1 point AJ
“20 % drop in crime rate in the last nine years” fact actual percentage may vary but 1 point AJ
“Tripled violent crime” referring to Britain’s gun ban”. Sources say anywhere between a “rise” and 89% correct – 1 point AJ
The attacker of the rape victim in India used an iron rod” correct 1 point AJ
“The tyrants did it” The tyrants didn’t rape the Indian woman but they did kill their own. ½ point
Lists Dictators that took guns – correct 1 point
“1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms…. Lemming…republic” – speculation yet probable ½ point
“…Texas revolution…my family”. Unknown, plausible (too lazy to verify) plausible ½ point
“Don’t try what your ancestors did before” correct 1 point
“come to America go shooting with me…. Join republic” probably not – ½ point
“yes I am finished” – incorrect – 1 point PM
“You will not take my right”. Piers Morgan will not be able to take AJ right – correct 1 point
“Prozac number one killer”. Plausible a few sources list it at as anywhere from number 4 to number one. ½ point
“Big pharma sponsors CNN” unknown plausible ½ point
“Number one cause of death suicide now” correct 1 point
“your answer is to put more people on drugs……” correct Piers said himself that he wants more federal funding for mental health. 1 point
“…same old scipt”. Correct personally heard the script from a few interviews 1 point
“trying to have a debate here” 1 point PM.
“How many gun murders in America” 1 point PM legitimate question
“About 11, 458” – correct 1 point
“….died from infections in hospitals…..197,000” several sources verify 1 point AJ
“How many gun murders in Britain” legitimate question 1 point PM
“great white…scared to swim” no verification needed correct 1 point
“repeat – how many gun murders” 1 point PM
“a very low amount. I already went over those figures”. A very low amount = correct I already went over those figures incorrect ½ point
“only a few hundred” incorrect 1 point PM