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You have potentially the best country in the world. But like all past civilizations that achieved affluence, it is going into decay. This is taking us to the brink of ultimate destruction for the planet.

You have a big place and 1000s of things can be said on the good and the bad side, but here is my take on what can make the difference between being the stabilizer of the world or facilitating it’s demise – because you have the power, amongst your people, to overcome the PTB.

- your lawmakers do not make the laws. They do not read them before signing them. It is a total abdication and abnegation of the trust implicitly given them by your people.
- You have the executive order situation that reaches far deeper than even the suppressive laws that are created.

- Your people are not doing much about it.
- They do no have their own reliable communication structure (never mind some kind of organizational structure within which a communication structure could work).
- A huge percentage of them do not think for themselves and the PTB lead them by the nose, mainly thru the media because of the two previous points. Treason nonetheless.

To paraphrase Alex Jones in his recent Piers Morgan rant: you find a zillion “factoids” to disagree on and don’t get behind the main central issues so it becomes like dogs yapping at the heels of the PTB that are taking you apart. So the vast power of the people is successfully divided and conquered as far as those who do care and who do make some attempt are concerned. For the rest they are kept complacent through media tranquilization and fed handouts.

The people need to know what is in the laws, not just the lawmakers. Currently that is impossible. Then they need to hold the lawmakers accountable for the laws they sign and then you can get to prioritize the undoing of the existing situation with probable priorities (if you want to “get back” your country):

- Push the constitution
- End the Fed
- Insist on only declared wars
- Curb Exec Orders (by getting the lawmakers to take responsibility for their rightful areas).

The list could be very long, but unless you get those out of the way you are going nowhere.

For lack of these things you can have a country run by the PTB that will achieve both depopulation and impoverishing of the current middle class to accelerate the depop. They run the country through their corporations and through agencies that now even run wars outside of the undeclared ones. This is possible because someone other than your lawmakers are writing tomes of laws that can be selectively applied to shut out any competition to the PTB agendas. The laws favour their corporations and are enforced to move those to monopoly by protecting the corps and closing down any burgeoning competition. What the laws don’t cover in destruction of freedoms, the exec orders do and where neither do, the agencies ad lib to shut down freedoms and thus enterprise and competition to the PTB.

By writing the laws (and really the Exec orders) the PTB control everything, probably even the courts in a way that enables their enforcement through Exec branch. The “lawmakers” are also totally nullified and the PTB agendas just sail through unchecked while the media entertains the crowds and keeps them incensed about factoids about homosexuals in the military, health care, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

A noticeable thing about lawmakers is that many of them start out bright-eyed and bushy tailed and pretty soon are as jaded as casino bimbos. If you had some structure and communication structure you could a couple of acute investigators finding what makes them almost uniformly turn to the treason outlined, and so rapidly, and get it emblazoned across the sky for everyone to know.

Dr Paul has had the main ideas well prioritized and repeated till the main ones got grooved in with a lot of people. Ideas are what bind people together. But Ideas have a hierarchy and if you let lesser ones dictate action at the expense of the more sweeping ones you will have confusion and misalignment.

In 1776 when there was a battle at hand, you did not argue about the best way to load a gun or where you were going to shoot. You trusted a general for reasons that made sense to you personally before you signed on, and when the SHTF you acted as he directed. You are working now with ideas and communication, but the urgency is there and you need a general or two THAT YOU TRUST ON THE SWEEPING ISSUES (EVEN WHILE DISAGREEING ON FACTOIDS), and you need to get behind them and act. Later you can argue about the niceties of health care and a million other issues.

Kids arrested for lemonade stands; bible studiers arrested for not having licenses; new wars opened on UN and NATO permissions; drone operators virtually declaring their own mini-wars; farmers forced to kill their naturally raised pigs; banks bailed out at the direct expense of the tax-payer; I would say the S has already HTF; there is no need to wait for tomorrow.

Unless you find a way to cohese enough people in a way that gets them to stand up and be counted, you are not likely to win. It is going to need some tough, focused leadership that can get a bunch of liberty-minded rebels to adhere to a limited set of rules rather rigidly so they can maintain their freedoms and later freedom of thought. It’s anomalous but self-evident.