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Southern Hemisphere

The rest of the world views the good ol' USA as the world's biggest terrorist organisation. Nobody buys the whole "We're bombing democracy into them" anymore. You are the world's biggest bullies and at the moment and China is the only country that is able to stand up to you. I guess that explains why so many countries trade with China. When Hillary Clinton actually declared that the USA creatd Al Queada in the first place. We did have to give kudos for her honesty but honesty only goes so far. When 9/11 happpened and somehow the ensuing war with Iraq was actually comical see

The rest of the world sees a tyrant in Obama signing executive orders that means that he can imprison his own citizens without trial for life as comical. The rest of the world sees Obama as a child killer that doesn't even have the guts to pull the trigger himself as he uses unmanned drones. this supposed "leader of the free world" if he actually was should receieve hero status whevere he goes. When he came to Australia people were stopped from driving their cars for miles and mile around Canberra. Ask yourself, Australia is your allie, if Obama was trully the "leader of teh freeworld" he would he not get a reception befitting Jesus himself? The woman would be throwing bras at him and he would need NO bodyguards at all. As it stands the rest of the world sees this disgusting individual accept a "Nobel Peace Prize" for killing the most children. Frankly this is about the deepest insult anybody can conjour with reagrd to legitimate recipients of this "prize".

On the other hand the rest of the world constantly hears the USA's devotion to their 2nd amendment and the odd cry here or there about some militia that has declared civil war. Yet the drones continue in US skies, the softcore porn and groping continues at your airports and Obama continues to put pen to paper to be able to implement martial law at any time. The world constantly sees stories with US police officers shooting unarmed individuals, we constnaly see scenes out of the US like the women pulled over in Texas and subjected to cavity searches. The woman released a video since saying that when "authorities start inserting another females feaces into my vagina, that goes too far". Bascially I guess what I am saying is that we hear a lot of "tough" talk out of the US but see little to no action when your politicians crap all over your Bill of Rights and Constitution. I never wish to call for violence but if there is a time to act against tyranny is it not now? You all seem content that the Fed Reserve continues to print money out of thin air, many US citizens have lost their homes, TARP, NDAA,. I guess what we actually see is a populous content with seeing it's citizens imprisoned without trial for, well forever. For all the tough talk about "from my cold dead hands" type, not one person out of 300 million seems to have a problem with somebody being detained indefinity without trial? Doesn't sound so brave and free to me! Why haven't the "freedom-loving" militia demanded that Bradley manning get a fair trial?

Feel free to diss my country too. In fact I'll probably agree with you Australia is even more pathetic than the US. We were effectively disarmed back in 1996. If we defend ourselves in in our own homes we are the ones charged with a crime. David Hicks was detained pretty much as long as you guys wanted to and when the chance comes we (as in the government will give you Julian Assange on a sivler platter). we are disarmed, we are a pathetic "nanny state" and quite frankly we kiss the USA's a*se. Most Australians would have trouble defining what tyranny actually is and many I have asked don't even know what free speech is either - as long as they get their government dole cheque. We have the same anti-terrorism laws that the US does yet we somehow proudly proclaim that the "yanks" (that's ALL Americans to us) are stupid for accepting these laws. Our answer to ANY danger at all is to ban it - even fireworks are banned or to tax the living bejeebus otu of it like cigarettes and alcohol. Note: fight that plain packaging crap hard cos next on the list is a massive junk food tax. There is massive lobbying here for "plain packaged" junk food now too. Australia's politcal correctness goes even further than the US and our current government wishes to throw journalists (even bloggers with more than 200 followers) in prison if they say the wrong thing for those interested it's called the Finklestein report if you care to google. A report seeking censorship on the back of the UK "hacking scandal". For the most part though, yes Australia is worse, far from objecting many many people wish the encroachment to go further, to ban pokie machines. As Ron Paul says "tragically some people will actually demand that their rights are taken away" the Australian media is rife with those and having compulsory voting doesn't seem to stop this from happening. Many Australians cannot grasp the concept of having to fight for our "freedom" even though we are somehow "proud" that thta is what we did in the wars. Yes we fought in the wars and many soldier lives were lost. That matters little now.

To sum up. I have been asking (just look at my "whereisaustraliasronpaul") for a long time now and the answer is blatantly obvious - we don't have one. We have a civil liberties council but barely a peep is EVER heard - even when you go actively searching for it. We put the word pathetic into apathetic and we don't have an Alex Jones either. Some of you see the video of a "crazy" rant. I see a passion about liberty that is sorely lacking in Australia. If I saw just 1 person, (and believe me I have been looking) just one I would back him or her 100%. So, in short if that were an Australian on TV I would be over the moon. Yes he was rude but the passion more than compensated for that. Since I don't have a freedom loving Aussie to throw my support behind, the best hope is the thus far deathly silent freedom loving Americans actually start doing something and that the seeds of liberty are actuallly planted here. Then maybe I can bring myself to sing "Australians let us all rejoice for we are young and free" because right now I think that line is BS.

The question still remains, with the NDAA, Obama's kill list, TSA softcore porn at airports extending to HIGHWAYS, Obama's RFID "let's micro chip you like dogs" plan, the obvious US debt crisis, attempts to disaRM the US populous from both within and foreign TARP etc,etc when is the time to act, to do soemthing?

To reiterate, Alex Jones may seem a little crazy but I see a passion there for freedom that you just do NOT see in Australia.