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Good Start :

I like your analogy between Bench sitter judges and Sports Referees. Clear and simple examples.

I would never consider the Prosecutor a “Sovereign” bringing “Charges” in a STATE initiated action. The Plaintiff is the PEOPLE of the STATE of ( wherever ), or the Department of CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES ( pick any bureaucracy ) .

They are the Plaintiffs in Action. Prosecuting Attorney is mere representative of same.

So, the PEOPLE eh? Guess what? You are presumed one of the PEOPLE. Otherwise you wouldn't be there consenting to be governed.

It's recently been nailed down that an infraction type of Arrangement is Administrative in nature. ( possibly ALL Arraignments ). Interesting as Administrative Law was set up to keep the government in line. Not individual you or me. Government cannot be Plaintiff in an admin. Action. Unless you establish Standing you consent to answer the charges you've presumptively brought against yourself as one of THE PEOPLE.


In Intro #2, you hit a nail on the head. Counter Claim is KEY to establishing your Standing. Arraignment is where you gotta make it. Here is where you Notice them. Written Counter Claim filed in a timely manner.

Part of the Claim establishes that gov. agencies and such aren't qualified to bring a complaint in the first place. So then what am I doing here ( you time wasting idiots ) ?

Some test cases are under way that are proving interesting results. The people involved are never called to the Bench to Plead or Answer. POOF – all gone.

I hope they have presence of mind to get a copy of the daily Court Docket to see if their matter is listed in the roll. I doubt it.

So what we have is apparently cases being Withdrawn without Notice.

Dang. It was boring enough to have to sit in the gallery all day to have your matter heard and possibly dismissed in an other wise empty room. Or continued till next week and assignment to a Magistrate in an Arbitration room where there IS no Gallery for potential witnesses.

Now we gotta sit there all day to make certain we aren't set up for a Bench Warrant.

Oh well. The Fun Never Ends.

Otherwise, Good start.

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